I have started a patreon page so that my followers can get access to process photos, videos, sculpture and craft tutorials, get store discounts, early access to new products and cat photos!

Patreon is a great way to provide more content than on any of my social media pages and it will also help to provide funds for new equipment and materials and to make even more content and fun stuff for people to look at.  I'm also hoping that in the future it will help towards getting me out of retail and be able to work on my art full time.

Here's how it works, if you subscribe to be my patron there are two tiers to choose from £1 and £3 (plus vat which isn't much) per month. 

For the £1 per month tier you get:

Blog Access - See what I'm currently working on and what new projects I'll have coming up.
Access to exclusive making of photos
In depth tutorials
Special offers for my store.
Early access to new products in my store
Advice and tips - email me with any requests for help with your sculpture and craft projects
Weekly Cat - weekly photos of cute cats, who doesn't want to see that?

For the £3 Tier you get all of the above plus access to exclusive videos and a lifetime 10% discount for my store which is valid after your first payment has been made, and valid for the duration of your patreon membership.

So if you want to help support me and see some cool stuff please consider becoming one of my patrons, it's only the price of a cup of coffee each month even at the highest tier.

Postage issues/Bigcartel store temporary closure

Unfortunately due to coronavirus restrictions on outgoing mail to other countries I am currently unable to post outside of the UK.
There's a massive list of countries on suspension, and all of the major ones I send to are on there.  This means that Royal Mail are currently refusing to take parcels for outside of the U.K (well my local post offices are anyway).
So I have decided to only ship to the UK for the moment and to only sell from my Etsy store which just makes things so much easier for me.
I have closed my BigCartel store for the moment because changing all of the shipping info for my listings is a massive pain on there.  Plus I don't sell much stuff on that site so it makes sense just to close it until I can ship abroad again.

International Shipping open!

International shipping is open again and my Big Cartel shop is open too.  There will probably still be delays due to Covid but it'll get there :)